There are no second thoughts on the fact that we all in this world especially in times like todays need security as various factors pose as threat to our very existence. But like wise we also need to acknowledge that not all of us can afford to be surrounded by guards and security personnel twenty four seven. Hence, there must be ways in which one can acts as a guard for their own self, and self-defense is surely one of those. Self-defense is basically means through which one attempts to protect themselves in situations that are harmful or violent. Constitutions of many countries across the world regard it as a basic right and an individual’s use of weapons or hand force in dangerous situations is a legal act. At strike, they fully understand that danger in society these days exists like a shadow lurking behind; therefore they believe that one should be fully prepared to combat that.  

Through years of knowledge and experience, the consultants at Strike have brought before you a program where in they will teach you how to conduct yourself if you find yourself in dangerous situation. This course does not involve a lot of physical training, which is the myth around self-defense in general, rather it focuses more on certain guidelines and code of conduct, that is one realistic and second practically do able. There is no fighting and kickbacks as if portrayed in super hero films; rather it is a training program where though easily manageable means you are taught how to combat violence that too staying within legal boundaries. So no matter how fit or unfit you are, what your age is, whether you are a teenager or a person in their forties, whether at home, at work or in school, you can learn self-defense, and the course can be evolved around your particular needs of security.  

Train at Strike for self-defense in order to protect yourself against any kind of danger or threat. Their class on self-defense is organized once in a month in Belmont between nine in the morning to twelve. They do not believe in gathering large amount of students, rather their class size is small so that each student gets individual attention and feedback from the trainer; it is approximately around eight students. If you have not registered, do not worry , you can do so know as new dates come up each month, for example if you have missed the 9th of march, then the next date for the new course is 27th of April and after that 25th of May 2019. The course fee is also not high, it is just sixty dollars per person and if you are interested in enrolling, you must hurry up and register as there are limited seats. This program has been especially designed in a manner that it makes a woman feel empowered, she does not need any other person or man to make her feel safe and secure, with self-defense she is capable of doing that herself. We also offer training for senior first aid refresher course in PerthSenior-first-aid